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September 2013

Hello Jo,

I am sorry this took so long, I have been a bit exhausted after tending to my husband after he was hospitalized for pneumonia!

I cannot thank you enough for coming to my rescue, I know you do that so often for the animals and the most recent case is your rescue of chance! What amazing results your love has done.

You made me feel so relaxed by allowing me to drop off Sir Toma quickly. not only did I drop him off but you brought him to the vet for his scheduled appointment and purchased more dog food for him!

When emergencies happen, we need our friends! It was so important to know you were there for our family and of course our beloved Sir Toma, knowing he was in good hands while I was away allowed me to focus on my husbands recovery!

The most amazing part of the whole experience is Stay and Plays emergency policy! When you called to tell me that there would be no charge for his stay for up to three days that was truly amazing! At times like these everything counts even more!

Thank you, thank you! I cannot say it enough!!!


Debbie & Richard Meihls

July 2013

Keegan is asleep as I write this after a fun day. He is a great animal and you guys have had a big part in that and we appreciate it very much.

We'll chat soon.

Take Care,

John & Bonnie

Keegan is a regular Wednesday Day Care guest and overnight guest when needed

May 2013


Words cannot express our appreciation for your support during Joe's mother's illness. During our 3 month, 24/7, hospital care, we were so touched byyour messages to take our corgis at any time, and then again, your care for the girls during our New York trip for the funeral services provided us comfort during this difficult time.

Stay and Play Pet Resort not only provides excellent care, but we also appreciated your discount services for family emergencies!

You, Misty, and the Stay and Play facility are incredible. I have neverseen such love and care in a Pet Resort!!

As always, we will continue to recommend your facility to others!!!

Vickie and Joe Crupi
River Wilderness, Parrish, Florida

November 2012

Dear Jovonnie:

Thanks so much for taking Maggie on such short notice a couple weeks ago when we had to leave in a hurry and head to NC where our brother-in-law had just passed away. We really appreciate the 3-day family emergency gratis you gave us as well. That was a nice surprise! Most importantly, though, as you know we had to drop off Maggie and leave less than 48 hours after losing our sweet Golden, Riley, and we are sure Maggie was as confused about all that was going on during and after losing her big sister as we were.

It was so comforting to know that she was well taken care of and that you would do everything you could to keep her playing with the other doggies and distracted from what was going on all around her! It’s difficult to find someone to trust with our “babies”, and thank you for never letting us down in that regard!!

Sharon & Bob

April 8, 2012


Life has been crazy for the past few weeks but I wanted to once again say thank you for all that you did for the animals. It’s taken a while but we are finally getting settled and everyone loves their new home!!

The whole transition situation was incredibly difficult and frustrating (since the timing of everything was completely out of my control). I can’t tell you though, how comforting it was to know that Maximus, Red, Pepper, and Lexi were all in such great hands. Thank you for all of the tender loving care they received and thank you for your patience in having to keep extending their stay!!!

Please let me know when you can stop by and see our new digs.

Thanks again.


March 2012

Hello Jovonnie,

Thank you for taking care of the boys they seemed really calm when they got home. I love the fact that I don't have to worry while they are in your care.

Thank You

Ann Wall

November 2011


Thank you so much for taking such good care of Cody.  It means so much to us to have someone as knowledgeable about the care of animals as you are, especially after having such a bad experience at another kennel.  As we were getting ready to leave, Cody went over and rubbed against you.  It was obvious you had already earned his trust and ours as well.  We hope to see you again soon.

Dawn Laidlaw Family and Cody

November 2011

Dear Jovonnie,

When we learned my mother-in-law passed away, and we had to fly up North immediately for the funeral, we were so grateful we could depend on you and Stay and Play to be there for us and our yellow lab Cooper in our time of need.  It is a comfort to know we can trust you to take care of him as if he was your own. Your generous decision to board Cooper without cost during this difficult time for our family is appreciated beyond words. 

Michelle and Alex Harmon & Family

Friday, April 15, 2011

Hi Jovonnie,

I just wanted to say thank you for helping Jen and I in such a short notice due to Jen’s Grandmother’s sudden death. It was also very kind of you to discount our rate due to a death in the family. We fill very comfortable knowing that Myla and Mylo are in such good hands when we have to go out of town. They both love coming to Stay and Play and seeing them running and playing in the Photo section is confirmation.

Thank you again,
Randy and Jen Stewart

December 2010

Dear Jovonnie,

Thank you very much for offering 72 hour free boarding for our dog, Lester. Carin's uncle died suddenly and we need to fly unexpectedly to Washington DC, not only for the funeral, but to help Carin's bereaved parents get home to Pennsylvania after the funeral.

Having just been to PA for Christmas, this additional expense was most definitely not in our early 2011 budget. Your generous offer will significantly help defray the costs of this unexpected but required trip.

And of course knowing that Lester is in the hands of the one caretaker with whom we truly trust gives us peace of mind, especially during this difficult and emotional time.

Again thank you for being so ready and willing to do this. It is a beautiful policy of caring and understanding.

Tony & Carin Doddroe

Tuesday, November 16, 2010


I wanted to send a very heart felt THANK YOU your way. Taking Rebel on such short notice was a life saver and comp'ing the bill is a great help during times like these. Stay and Play has always been there for us and provided Rebel with such great care. Thanks again.

Chris Bolyard

Hi Jovonnie

I just wanted to thank you for taking such good care of Lucky. She looks great and is crashed!!! I can tell she had a good visit with you. I also noticed that new customer discount when I got home and wanted to thank you for that!! We look forward to future visits (and of course the x-mas one we have scheduled in December).



Thank you so very much for everything.  As much as I miss them, I feel good knowing you are taking care of them. 

Jennifer Gentile 

Jovonnie and the staff at Stay and Play:

Thank you once again for taking such great care of our 3 babies. It is so good to know that there is a facility that actually cares properly for our babies.

You are the only people I feel comfortable leaving my dogs with, especially since Stasha is diabetic and needs that added medical attention. I love how clean they come home too !!! Its tough to give 3 large furry dogs a bath.

Additionally, your generosity in your bereavement policy is above any beyond any business I have ever dealt with. To me it is an indication of how you care not only for our pets, but for your clients as a whole.  Thank you for extending this graciousness to us during a difficult time.

I am sure we will be back again soon.

Our sincerest appreciation !!!

Lisa & Doug Nalette
(Hugs  from Theo, Stasha & Sequoia too!!!)

July 7, 2009

Obie loves to come visit his friends at Stay and Play. This past week when my dad died we needed Obie to visit for a week; we learned that Jovonnie has a policy that comps 3 nights when a family member has passed away or is ill.  We were so grateful to learn of this policy at this trying time!  It's just another example of why we love you guys so much; your care of not only Obie but of us as well is extra special and highly valued!  We sing your praises! Thank you!!

Elizabeth Pritchard


Dear Jovonnie,

I just wanted to let you know that Frankie has been a changed dog since we brought him home from his Christmas break at Stay and Play.  At first, it seemed like he'd had a lobotomy he was so much calmer.  He doesn't jump on me at all.  His demeanor with the kids has been perfect and get this, he even wanted to play with one of our neighbor's dogs when we were out for a walk.  Thanks for all of your guidance and input.  You and Tiffany have really helped us to achieve a more balanced, enjoyable dog!

Hope all is well!

Rina Becker


 Brady is doing GREAT tired but GREAT.  I am pleasantly surprised how well he looked and has been acting since coming home.  We will be using you a lot more now knowing that you are there. Thanks for your follow up and great service.  Sincerely,

 Peter Maroon


Roscoe had such a good time that he would like to go for another visit. I will drop him off Friday morning  and will pick him up Tuesday morning  
 Thank you

John Tucker
Hi, Jovonnie
As you know, Princess Maggie will be visiting Stay and Play from Tues., Aug. 21, to Wednesday, Sept. 12.
She is delighted to know that Harvard, her pal from the Hammocks, is scheduled to be with you for part of the same period.
Mike Murray
Hi Jovonnie!
Just a quick update.  You would be so happy to know that Bailey Hanna lost 12 pounds on the green bean diet and is down to 94 pounds!  Hannah Hanna lost 8 pounds and is down to 79 pounds!  They are both doing great!
They have been exercising about the same with walks, not much more.  I haven't traveled lately but will use your  Stay and Play when I do!
Thank you so much for the initial advice, it worked!!!  
Patti Hanna
Parrish Florida
Hi Jovonnie - the girls look great and they are dog tired!  They spent some time this afternoon resting on the bed with me so all is well and back to normal!  Thanks to everyone  at Stay and Play.  I left you a very small token of our appreciation on your desk.  When I was writing the note, Maggie jumped on the desk and smugged it.  Sorry!  They must think they own the place!!
Take care,
I just wanted to thank you so much for taking such excellent care of Charlie while we were gone!  Hopefully, your pillows have stayed on the couch since he's been gone! :-)
Not only did he look absolutely gorgeous when we picked him up, the change in his behavior has been the most amazing thing!  I don't know if it was the socialization he received while playing with the other dogs or the time you spent with him; probably both.  The transformation has been amazing!  It is like he is a completely different dog! 
You have such a God given gift for animals and it truly shows!  We can't thank you enough!
After this experience I can assure you as long as we live here, I would never consider boarding Charlie anywhere else but with Stay and Play! You are worth the drive from anywhere!

Hi Jovonnie,

Just wanted to let you know we got home safe.  It rained most of the way and some bad areas of smoke but Beau and Tucker were sleeping the whole way.  No car sick puppy at all.  We were so glad for him.  Thank you so much for all the love and care that you gave to Beau and Tucker.  We were so happy to see that (yes they were extremely happy to see us) yet they were not pining to leave as soon as we got there.  They seemed so content and happy.  The first thing Beau wanted to do was go swimming.  Thank you for the picture frame we will get that filled straight away.  We had a wonderful trip and it was so nice to relax and know that the boys were so well taken care of and so loved.  We will keep in touch and we will keep sending the pictures.  They are both so handsome. 

Thanks again and tell your staff how pleased we are with what everyone did for our baby boys.

Sharon, Jim, Beau & Tucker


I just wanted to thank you so much for taking such excellent care of Charlie while we were gone! Hopefully, your pillows have stayed on the couch since he's been gone! :-)
Not only did he look absolutely gorgeous when we picked him up, the change in his behavior has been the most amazing thing! I don't know if it was the socialization he received while playing with the other dogs or the time you spent with him; probably both. The transformation has been amazing! It is like he is a completely different dog!
You have such a God given gift for animals and it truly shows! We can't thank you enough!
After this experience I can assure you as long as we live here, I would never consider boarding Charlie anywhere else but with Stay and Play! You are worth the drive from anywhere!



Hi Jovonnie

Just wanted to thank you again for taking such good care of my girl. She loves her ball, it even goes to bed with her. Rianna read the book to Chevis, you would have thought Chevis knew about what she was reading to her, it was a Kodak moment and no camera. Rianna told me I need to go shopping with Ms. Jovonnie for toys for Chevis she really knows how to pick out toys.

You are such a big hit around here.

Thanks again
I will be in touch soon.

Jovonnie....thank you so much for the pictures & for all the love and care that was given to Monty! It was truly a comfort to Mike & me knowing that our little pooch was in such good hands. I almost felt guilty bringing him home! Im sure he misses he furry little friends, but he will be visiting again soon, I'm sure.

Thanks again!
Cheryl A. Fisher

Thanks again ever so much for taking such good care of Charlie. He was FULL of energy last night and again this morning...wanted to play and his friend, Sophie was at the groomers...the pictures are simply darling...and the frame "Friends" is already on the bookshelf. Appreciate so much.

Again, as always, what a delight to talk with you and again we appreciate the wonderful care you give to Charlie (and all of the dogs).

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